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Given the task to read and review new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition student revision guide books has been very interesting and enlightening. Each book has bought with it different strengths and each has come from a different angle in an effort to offer the student something that will best support them through the new GCSE. The key is that every schools is different, every teacher is different, every class is different and ultimately every student is different and therefore by each revision guide tailoring to a slightly different need they have succeeded in their aims to help and support and guide students through their  GCSE revision.
In my reviews, I have tried hard to give a balanced view of each revision guide book, being critical where I thought necessary and praising where I felt it was due. To compare and contrast has been more of a challenge and so to demonstrate an objective and fair review at the end I opted for a graphical comparison. I listed all the things I have come to expect of a revision guide in the way of helpful content and checked if each book had these. I then listed all of the attributes of a good revision guide and graded each book on each of these attributes (with five stars being the best). Finally, I looked at the all-important value for money comparison. What I strongly urge you all to do is read the whole review in its entirety and please do not to jump to see which is the cheapest or has the highest rating. The reason for this comes back to what I said at the beginning, every student is different, and you know your students far better than me and you will know what tone they will respond to, and what type of learning resources will be best for them.

Thank you for reading the review and I hope it proves useful for you and your students.  Joe Mann


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